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    Serving Massachusetts and New England


    Bicycle Patrol

    Securaserv, LLC has a fleet of mountain bikes for patrol. Our bikes are equipped for officer communications and can be out fitted with audio/video systems as needed.

    Event Security

    Video monitoring system As event security specialists we can provide customized, portable and temporary audio-video systems for real-time, live monitoring in areas where security typically is difficult to provide. Our systems can easily interface to local area networks and smart phones for live monitoring over the internet. Our techniques, which were originally developed for securing special events at colleges and universities, can be applied to a wide range of other venues.

    Portable Video Monitoring

    We install portable, temporary A/V systems for real-time event monitoring, using our system monitors or over the internet on the customer’s device.

    Metal Detection and Bag Screening

    Securaserv, LLC and partners provide comprehensive screening for weapons and/or contraband using both walk-through and hand-held metal detectors.

    Massachusetts Crowd Management

    Our certified Crowd Managers meet requirements pursuant to 527 CMR 10.13 Code of Massachusetts regulations. It is a requirement that crowd managers are present at large assembly facilities.

    Event Communications

    Efficient communications are essential for your safety. Securaserv, LLC can provide dedicated systems for your event such as repeaters, portable radios and telephone conference bridges.